I was tagged by perihn and cleia to do the say five nice things about yourself thing

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I’ll do it for you, and i invit friends to do the same, to show you 5 things is not enough to understand how awesome you are !

1 : You are one of the most generous person i know ! Seriously it make me drop a tear sometime when i think about the things you ready to do to make people smile !

2 : You so kind ! I don’t have word to describe how kind you are ! not even in my native language… ! 

3 : You such a great artist, everything you touch become so precious… 

4 : You can do so many things ! Plush, drawings, jewelery, sculpture, and even with all of those skill, you still find time and energy to be that kind and that generous?? D: !! 

5 : You so honnest and “true”, you know, some people sound fake, when they speak, show off, when they do stuff, they doesn’t sound.. “true”, but you just so honnest and so true that i think it’s very touching, and so humble !! even though you got enough skill and talent to get a fatass ego, you keep feet on earth and try to improve and cheer everyone, you so open minded and … SEE 5 things, not enough ! D : 

Text message to answer commeennt /o/

Brossuno :

I’ve seen colerase pencils from 7 to 9 USD over here in the US. But it depends on what brand you’re interested in.

Thanks !! I thought colerase was the brand itself ._. it’s that rare here and can’t get clear info (or people just think it’s obvious and i’m dumb : I)  Thanks for infos, always good to know ^^ ! 


j’espère que tu plaisantes ! Dans le mois passé, entre tes illus et tes pages, tu as posté parmi tes plus belles oeuvres jusqu’à présent.

Wow ça me touche beaucoup ! J’ai beaucoup de mal a juger ma production actuelle, j’ai un regard assez négatif dessus, je manque de recul et je suis dans une passe ou j’ai l’impression de rien faire de bien, de stagner, mais d’un autre côté je me pousse plus loin qu’avant, c’est normal que je galère plus sur des choses que je maîtrise moins, .. et pis j’ai jamais autant fait de trucs aussi, concrètement en tout cas, en tout cas c’est surement dans ma “tête” mais ça a fait sa place et j’ai du mal a délogé tout ça ! ^^ En tout cas merci, ça réconforte, et les avis extérieur ça aide a se remettre “droit” ^^ 


 You didn’t fail! Perspective is hard, I think you’re being too mean to yourself. You tried something new, can’t be perfect immediately :)

I think it’s a fail, but not 100% negative, i learnt stuff, and i finished the drawing even though i wasn’t really confident about it… since month i feel like i have tons of sketches, and doodle, and i finish less drawing than before, so i try to push me to finish things even if i’m no satisfied with how it tourn out, this way i can learn ^^ ! Thanks a lot, i try to not take “failure” as something purely negative, after all, if you never try you never fail, right? ^^ 

thanks for comment, like, and everything as always, i feel lucky to be surrunded by so many awesome, kind, open minded and cheering people, you are the best ! ♥ 

It’s almost mid august and i have the feeling i paused my life since a while, like, i’m not making any progress, even though i never worker so seriously on my personnal project … 

Anyway ! I want to acquire some Colerase pencil, they kinda expensive in EU and i heard they was really cheap in US (like normal pencil :D), any of you guys have an idea of the price? 

If anyone would help me to get some, i would pay for pencil, shipping cost, and offer you a commission or something?


I went out of my confort zone and i failed. 

I went out of my confort zone and i failed. 

One of my last homework ! :) (i print it and send it tomorow and then, then… i don’t know, but freedom) 

It’s done since forever though.
Storyboard, adaptation (in comic) of “Le roi et l’oiseau” one of the most beautifull movie of the world.